Cast of Characters

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Aida. My child is now an adult. She’s still deaf and still autistic. Also: baffling, stubborn, valiant and heartbreaking.

Mimi. Aida’s sister and coach extraordinaire, social justice warrior, Broadway musical aficionado and Whirlyjoy artist-in-residence.

Posh Nana and Opa. Maternal grandparents on frequent post-retirement overseas missions to escape the spin cycle and keep the family supplied with gourmet chocolates.

Icky McGreenboots (it’s a long story). Beloved behavior tech. Willing to spend every afternoon for years teaching Aida to visit a grocery store without raiding the cookie aisle, or apply deodorant to the correct body parts.

Nina C. – Nanny to seemingly every deaf child in the neighborhood, and many of the hearing ones. I spotted her signing to one of her young charges at the playground in 2004 and followed her around until she agreed to come work for us.

Eenie. Artistically inclined sister with a penchant for feng shui chimes and comfortable clothes. Often more practical, more spiritual and more daring than me – and other times the reverse.

Pepe LePew. French ex-husband and cautionary tale for young American girls living abroad.

Check back for more details about the other members of our village – Big Jane, Auntie Pasta and more.

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