Saturday hair

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October 27, 2012 by whirlyjoy


On Friday nights I shower after Aida is good and asleep, and many times go straight to bed with wet hair. This picture is the result.

Once it’s combed through and has had a chance to settle for date night, history would indicate that Mr. Hot Diggity will say it’s “fetching”. He is sweetly accepting of my messy edges: One of our early dates was on a very windy evening. “Is my hair a shambles?” I asked as I climbed into his car. “You mean, more than usual?” was his absolutely sincere and non-facetious reply.

Every now and then I try to manage a quick shower while Aida is awake, perhaps occupied with a Signing Times video or engrossed in her Lego. Especially once Mimi was old enough to sound the alarm if anything truly untoward happened.

Those efforts have been on hold, though, since the memorable episode last year when Aida took advantage of my lapsed attention to go outside to the car and climb into the trunk to look for the Cheezits she was sure I had hidden back there. When Mimi shouted for me in a panic, I ran out dripping in my (thankfully) oversized bathrobe to coax her back in.

Aida has zero sense of street safety. Mimi was white as a sheet and – very understandably – made me promise not to leave her alone with her sister again.

So Saturday hair is de rigueur for the foreseeable future.

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